Visit Koh Larn, or the coral island, is an excellent alternative to Pattaya.

My first visit in Koh Larn was a spur of the moment trip. I was talking to an attractive young woman in the bar when she asked me about the places I’d been in Thailand. I rattled off a variety of cities from south to north and she then asked whether I’d visited Koh Larn. I replied that no, and she replied that she’d not been either.

It was decided right then and there that we’d make the short trip the following day. We stayed together for the night and set up the boat ride and tour with one of the numerous street vendors tour guides.

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We booked the boat ride at 10 am and we were told that we were expected back around 4 pm. The cost was 10 US dollars per person and this included lunch.

We walked the Second Road to Beach Road and then walked to our small longboat, which would take us to the larger boat to take us to Koh Larn.

We were stopped at a dock that was square and were given a kite-flying ride for a further 10 dollars. We declined , but observed a couple of other guests on our boat take the quick dock.

We then hopped on a larger boat, and then sailed out towards the island. The trip took around 45 minutes. We were met by a small length boat to bring us back to the shore. The boat was equipped with an observation deck with glass that could be used to view the corals, but the sea was far too dark to be able to see anything.

We landed and as it was a spontaneous excursion, I bought my daughter a swimming suit. It was staking out a stretch of beach and purchased two lounge chairs at $1.00 for both of us. We sat back and unwinding.

The water was clear and refreshing, and we did a little splashing and laying in the lounge chairs. We were offered a wide range of water activities, from strolling to banana boat excursions. We declined and took the easy way.

We had lunch along together with the other guests and it was decent but nothing extraordinary. Rice pork, rice, French fries and a cold drink.

There were a few vendors trying to market their products, but they were not a problem. They came in once, and left smiling when I refused.

Around 3 pm, we were ready to go back. We took the boat that was smaller to the larger boat, where we sat and listened to some music as we made our way back. The boat was moving at a snail’s pace , and there was only enough breeze to keep it cool.

We met the boat and were then taken by boat back into Pattaya Beach. I dropped my smart card at the photo processing facility and then changed and shower and picked up the pictures and returned to the bar.

Then I handed her a collection of photos to show her family and friends and to keep for her own. It was a enjoyable day that cost me back by $20 for the trip , and $10 to buy her an outfit for the beach.

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