Tuscany is the preferred destination of those wanting to experience the genuine Italian experience.

What is the location?

Tuscany is a vast region located in central Italy that extends up to beyond the Mediterranean coast. The region has been divided in 10 provinces, that include Italy’s most stunning cities and towns; Florence, Siena and Pisa.

Where do I be?

A lot of people prefer staying in villas while they travel to Tuscany as they prefer the flexibility of cooking their own meals instead of the standard of staying in a hotel. If you are thinking of going to Tuscany you should look at the advantages offered by a boutique-style hotel. They offer the comfort and services of a standard hotel however with a more home-like environment and a service that meets your every need, you are able to leave and come at your leisure, without worrying whether you’re making bed, or going out for food. When you stay in an exclusive Hotel, all that you need be thinking about is the next luxurious experience will come from.

Visit visit the JK Palace in Florence for an experience that is reminiscent of a city-style chic.¬†With just 20 rooms it’s like having a private home on Florence’s Piazza Santa Maria Novella and it’s the ideal place to rest after a day of touring.¬†“Boutique” does not always mean small – especially for the perfect hotel, it’s a countryside escape The Villa Mangiacane is set in 300 acres of olive groves forest, and vineyards. And the panorama from the pool ensures that you’ll have a hard time wanting to leave the property even once.

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What do I see?

Go on a tour of the vineyards to sample traditional Tuscan wines like Chianti and Montepulciano as well as visit olive groves and purchase olive oil that has been pressed to take to home. Tuscany is a beautiful region, with its cities and towns are full of stunning Renaissance architecture, and the style of art here is comparable to the art from Venice or Rome. If you’re not in Florence it is a must definitely take the time to go to Florence during your time there. A bustling, fashionable city that is full of stunning architecture, exquisite art, amazing shopping and amazing dining options, Florence is captivating and many tourists return to enjoy short breaks or special occasions. Tuscany is a place of many variations and one could spend a holiday here for many years without having to visit the same spot twice.

How do I move to my destination?

What you do to travel to Tuscany is largely dependent on the place you’ll be staying. If you’ve picked the city area, it’s much more convenient to use public transport or simply walk around the area in the city, as hiring a vehicle is expensive and roads are too busy for relaxed driving. However If you’ve picked an elegant hotel located in rural areas consider hiring a car so you can drive around the countryside or make an excursion in one of the towns. The Italian public transportation system is used extensively by the locals and it is possible to move between towns and cities via train or buses that give you the chance to look at the beautiful countryside.

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