This web page covers vocabularyneeded by using humans working as excursion guides in an English-speakme context.

Listen to a excursion guide on a go back and forth bus from the airport to the hotel. You can listen first, after which study. After that, test your know-how with the quick check.ListenRead

Hello all and sundry. My name is Luca. On behalf of Suntan Tours I’d want to welcome you all to Los Cabos. The bus trip in your hotel will take about fifteen mins. Right now I’d like to take a minute to familiarize you with the vicinity and talk a few quick protection precautions. Firstly, I ask which you continue to be seated till we reach our vacation spot and that you not eat or drink even as at the bus. Secondly, please understand that it is a crime to get inebriated in public. Enjoy your holiday, however do drink responsibly and do now not drink and power.

I promise you’re going to enjoy your live right here in San Jose, Los Cabos. This is a beautiful, quiet metropolis in which you may loosen up, take a seat with the aid of the seashore, enjoy fantastic food and sense very secure. You can stroll into city and experience the fountains or take a moonlit stroll alongside the water. Please do not swim here. This is not a secure place to swim because there’s a strong undertow. Cabos San Lucas is the location to go in case you need to revel in swimming within the ocean. You can take a short bus journey out of your resort. There you will additionally enjoy amusement and dancing.

[Introducing special events and gives]

Suntan tours gives plenty of unique reductions depending for your tour plans. We have golf programs, as well as guided whale boat tours, and fishing charters. There can be a short records consultation at 1pm in the lobby of the inn tomorrow where you can examine all approximately these offers. We suggest which you do no longer buy packages from street carriers as they’re not usually a hundred percentage dependable. They additionally may charge you extra than what they are saying. Please take my advice and permit Suntan excursions to book all of your day trips and sports at the same time as you’re right here.

If you need to alternate your dollars into pesos, please use a bank or money change. We don’t suggest replacing your money at the inn due to the fact you might not get a fair price. Some restaurants will be given American or Canadian money, but you’re higher off to change your money and pay with pesos. Or, if you pick, you can constantly use your credit playing cards. Also, in case you need to get across the metropolis, or travel to Cabos San Lucas, we advise which you take the local bus in preference to a taxi. The bus expenses about one American dollar, and the driving force can supply you change in case you don’t have the exact amount. If you do determine to take a taxi make certain that you negotiate a charge before you go.

We’re going to be pulling as much as the lodge in only some mins. Please sit again and revel in the view of the ocean on the left hand aspect of the bus as we enter the town. I ask that you remain to your seats till we’ve got come to a entire prevent. Javier may be assembly us at the bus that will help you along with your bags. Please double take a look at to ensure your bag has been taken off the bus. On behalf of Suntan Tours, have a exquisite holiday in San Jose and I wish to peer you day after today on the records session.

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